Pay attention to oral health, starting from brushing teeth, and evaluate electric toothbrush

The electric toothbrush has been in our life for many years. The real popularization of the electric toothbrush has begun in the past two years. Many people do not pay much attention to oral health and think that manual toothbrushing is enough. In fact, the efficiency of an electric toothbrush with superior performance is much higher than that of manual toothbrushing. We really need an electric toothbrush in terms of toothbrushing efficiency, gingival protection or teeth cleaning effect.

With the increasing demand for electric toothbrushes, the market is huge. At first, we saw all the imported brands on the market, but now the domestic manufacturers have come into full bloom. Because the core technology of electric toothbrushes has been fully owned, researched and developed by domestic manufacturers, we can see that domestic brands have the momentum to catch up with and surpass the imported brands in terms of both price and performance. This is a welcome progress, but we have to admit that the soft and hard strength of manufacturers is also uneven, It is easy to buy a product with backward or even unqualified performance.

Today’s experience product for everyone is an electric toothbrush. The full name of the electric toothbrush is the magnetic suspension acoustic wave electric toothbrush, which is also the most advanced electric toothbrush product at present. It emits high-frequency vibration through magnetic suspension power, and strongly cleans teeth to maintain oral health. In addition, the bristles are imported DuPont antibacterial bristles. It also supports intelligent timing, wireless charging, ipx7 waterproof, and has a endurance of up to 30 days, The above is the basic performance description of the electric toothbrush. The specific appearance and experience will be described below.
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Post time: Dec-15-2022