LCD display water flosser

  • LCD display omedic water flosser for dental clean oral spa

    LCD display omedic water flosser for dental clean oral spa

    The use of a water flosser can reduce the existence of bleeding of gums by up to 99%! Our dental water flosser cleans deep in between your teeth and below the gums where brush and traditional flossing can’t reach. The immediate stream effectively removes plaque, bacteria, and food particles while water reduces bad breath, leaving your mouth incredibly fresh and clean.

    1. The irrigator can assist in brushing your teeth, remove plaque on the tooth surface, and keep the tooth surface fresh. This is an auxiliary measure.

    2. In addition, the irrigator can remove some tongue coating and some bacteria on the buccal mucosa, which can remove the bacteria from the parts that we cannot brush.

    3. The irrigator has a high-pressure water flow, which can massage the gums.

    4. In addition, when a child is young, parents can help him use the dental irrigator, which can make his oral hygiene measures better to help him control tooth decay and prevent tooth decay.

    5. The irrigator can powerfully remove toothbrushes and flosses, as well as the places that the original toothbrush cannot reach. Through this powerful scouring action, the food residues and plaque in these parts can be removed cleanly, so as to remove teeth and prevent purpose of tooth decay.

    6. There are also orthodontic patients who have some special parts that cannot be reached by a toothbrush because they are wearing orthodontic appliances. They can also use a dental irrigator to strengthen cleaning and correct these special parts of the patient, so that their gums can get Healthy to prevent the appearance of tooth decay

  • OLED display oral irrigator water picker for teeth whitening

    OLED display oral irrigator water picker for teeth whitening

    Feature 1: Normal /Pulse/Soft/DIY Modes
    Feature 2000mAh Long Lasting Battery
    Feature 3: Special Craft, High End Design
    Input Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
    Power: 5W
    Pressure Range: 30-150psi
    Certificate: CE, FDA, UL, RoHS, CQC, IPX7
    High Light:
    OLED Display oral irrigator
    OLED portable Water Flosser jet
    OLED Display reachrgeable dental Water Jet Flosser

  • Visual LCD displaying dental water jet DIY function

    Visual LCD displaying dental water jet DIY function

    “The advantage of the irrigator is that it uses high-speed pulsed water jets to effectively clean the surface of the teeth, interdental spaces, gingival spaces and sulcus. Because the surface of the teeth is not flat, brushing with a toothbrush can only clean the surface of the teeth, the adjacent teeth. Cracks, gaps between teeth and gums, and tooth grooves are difficult to clean with a toothbrush, which is prone to dental caries. Using a dental irrigator can more thoroughly remove the remaining plaque and food residue in the mouth than a toothbrush, keep the mouth clean and hygienic, and effectively remove it. Bad breath. In addition, the water flow generated by the irrigator can massage the gums to a certain extent and promote the blood circulation of the gums.”