I don’t know which nozzle to use when using the tooth puncher for the first time? Let me tell you how to get started!

Those who have just started to pay attention to oral health and are ready to start the dental impactor are still worried about not using it and don’t know the function of various nozzles?

Xiao Bian carefully sorted out the skills and precautions for beginners of dental punches, and what to do with the five nozzles. After reading, you will be able to solve your doubts~
Dental Water Jet

First, open the water inlet of the tooth puncher or unscrew the water tank and add warm water.

Install the nozzle you need, and install it when you hear the “click”~When replacing the nozzle or removing the nozzle, press and hold the small button beside it.

People often get tangled when using the tooth punches. There are so many types of nozzles. What are they applicable to?

Standard nozzle: regular flushing, suitable for friends with normal oral state. Clean the bacteria and food debris between the teeth. It is suitable for use after eating. Massage the gums and soothe the periodontium at the same time.

Orthodontic nozzle: suitable for people who wear braces during the orthodontic period. Its bristles are designed to be used around the orthodontic braces, crowns, bridges and implants.

Periodontal bag nozzle: It is especially suitable for people with periodontitis and gingivitis. It can make soft waterline deeply clean to the dental bag.
Dental Water Jet

Plaque nozzle: professional nozzle with bristles. For users with serious dental plaque, the unique bristles design is suitable for those who have dental implants, dentures, dental bridges.

Tongue scraper nozzle: mainly used to clean tongue coating. Clean up the bacteria that cause bad breath in the hard to brush part behind the tongue, and the breath will be fresher.

Have you learned?

Post time: Sep-30-2022